The Nu Project

Like so many other women I’ve struggled with the way my body looks. The way my stomach sticks out, the thickness of my inner thighs, my knobby knees. I pinch here, squish together there, pull here. Always poking and prodding at myself. Always dissatisfied. When I would watch t.v. or look at magazines I’d always see these perfectly beautiful women with flat stomachs, perky boobs, and white teeth. I longed to look like that. I knew that those images were photoshopped, altered in some way or another to make them look perfect and that in real life that wasn’t who they really were. But I still wanted to look like they look. I still wanted to have the perfect body. It’s difficult to be a women. It’s difficult to live in a society that shames you based on your physical appearance. That says if you’re not this tall, this light, this thin, this pretty then you’re not welcome here. Like I even had a say in the matter. There isn’t a request form you fill out while you’re in the womb asking not to inherit your great aunt’s wide hips. I guess what I’m saying is that with seeing these woman and their bodies, each one different that if I can still find them beautiful then I want to find that same beauty in myself.